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I know what it takes to get a good job and do not need anyone else's assistance.
This reminds us of one of our employees, who was having a problem with his old Mercedes diesel car recently that, for whatever reason, he refuses to get rid of. The engine was running really rough and so he went to an auto parts store with the idea that he could fix the car himself. He saw something that was in a can and claimed it would make his engine run smoother if he put it into the engine. Now he spent a lot of time reading that can and decided that the problems it claimed it could solve were exactly what he car needed. He poured the contents into the engine and drove the car for a week and there was no improvement.

The next thing he did was go to the neighborhood gas station where the mechanics worked on cars frequently but knew very little about diesels. He went to the mechanic because they had fixed his wife's car and she told him that she believed the mechanics were "nice". The mechanics worked on his car for two days and when he got the car back, $400 later, it ran a bit smoother - but not much. The mechanic told him they had done the best they could but that it was an old car and he should just get a new one.

After a few days the problem was even worse than when he had first taken it to the mechanic. He then drove the car to a Mercedes dealership. After five minutes with the mechanic, he was told that a small part that cost $3.00 had come loose from the engine. The mechanic produced a screwdriver and tightened up the part and there was no charge. The car had not run so smooth in years.

What's the moral of the story? Don't you think our employee would have been better off if he had approached an expert from the beginning? This problem is no different from how a lot of people go about finding jobs. They call a recruiter that may have five jobs matching their interests, they search job-posting boards, and they call a few friends. These tactics cannot compete with MBA Authority, since we can track down every employer in any area of the United States instantly. Our business is getting people the market exposure to get more interviews and more job offers. It is what we do. You can try the solution in a can, but if you want your career to run smoothly, come to the experts.

Can MBA Authority help me even if I have been working and searching for a job for a long time?
Yes. We can help people are still in business school, and we can help large firm partners or middle managers have been practicing for more than 25 years. Our employment advocates will work with you to tailor your job search for your specific needs and experience.

Will you follow up with me after I send out my resumes and cover letters?
Yes. We will contact you on a regular basis for three months after your targeted mailing to inquire as to your progress. Whether you are a seasoned executive or a business school student, we will ask you to let us know where you received positive responses, which employers granted interviews, and which employers were unresponsive. Our relationship will not end with the mailing. We will assist you in any way we can until we are satisfied that you have the best possible chance for employment. You will never feel neglected.

Will I be successful if I don't follow your job search recommendations?
We have seen many clients succeed, and we have seen a few fail. Those who have failed are generally those who did not follow our recommendations. If you are going to get interviews, you will be much better served by conducting an expansive search rather than a narrow search. Nevertheless, a narrow search is an effective method in some circumstances, and we will always recommend it in those particular circumstances. When we make recommendations about your career potential, the only factor we consider is the chance of your success. If you are successful, then we are successful. If you are happy, we are happy.

How does MBA Authority stay current on its data?
We make thousands of inquiries a month to ensure our data is as perfect as possible. We get our data from hundreds of sources and are constantly updating it seven days a week. Since our database undergoes numerous changes each day, we are able to maintain very current contact information. Nevertheless, companies go out of business, public interest organizations lose funding, businesses change addresses … and so forth. Any targeted mailing will potentially result in some returned letters. If any of your letters are returned, we will reissue you corrected letters or, if that proves impossible, we will gladly offer a refund for those returned letters.

Who are the letters addressed to?
If possible, we provide letters addressed to the person in charge of hiring-whether it is the hiring partner or general counsel, for example. When we do this, the letter and resume is often forwarded to an HR department and you can rest assured that HR will pay attention to something forwarded from the Hiring Partner or General Counsel, for example. In some situations, the name of the Hiring Partner or General Counsel is transitory or unclear, and the letters will be addressed directly to the Human Resources Department Head or Hiring Department Head.

Should I mail my letters all at once or over a period of days or weeks?
You need to remember that your job search is very similar to an auction. Why would you want to conduct an auction over a period of weeks or months when you could start the process in one day? You will be much better off having all of your options on the table at one time rather than over a period of months.

Is there a risk in using MBA Authority?
We cannot promise that you will get a single interview, but we will try our hardest to secure your success in the job search. Your chances of getting interviews with an expansive, targeted mailing are high, but there are no guarantees in life.

What if I want to be in a specific area of the country? Can MBA Authority help me?
People who call us are often extremely surprised by how many positions there are in any given area. If we asked you how many employers there were in Delaware, would you guess that we could send your resumes to more than 350?

What is the most important thing to remember about MBA Authority?
Finding a job is no easy task. One major mistake is under-marketing yourself. At MBA Authority, we help you expand the market for your career to its maximum potential, and we stick by you through the whole process until you are satisfied.