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We have a dynamic employer database that is updated 24 hours a day in our data facilities in both the United States and abroad. Our database contains contact information for hiring authorities in virtually every corporation, association, venture, or other organization in the world. We can provide you with the number of the employers in any area of the United States, the number of organizations with practice areas matching your interest, and personalized cover letters and professionally printed resumes to each of those employers. Our service works. If you want a job, this is the most successful way to get one.

MBA Authority puts you back in control of your job hunt, while at the same time putting the largest employer database at your fingertips. With our resources at your disposal, you can increase your market exposure and the likelihood that employers will want to talk to you. Below you will find a brief synopsis of the relationship you can expect from MBA Authority.


Fill out our Sign Up Form. Make sure that your contact information is accurate, so that we can call you and discuss the potential legal employers with you. Paste your resume and cover letter (if you have one) into the boxes provided. All of the information you share with us will be 100% confidential.


Within three days of filling out the Sign Up Form, you will receive a call from one of our experienced employment advocates. If you fill out our form after 4:00 PM PST on a weekday or during a holiday or weekend, we will contact you on the following business day. You will be under no obligation until you decide to go ahead with your targeted mailing.


We have the most sophisticated employer database in the country. Once you become a client of MBA Authority, we will generate a list of employers that meet your specific needs.


After we have discussed your potential employer market with you, we will print your resume and cover letter on high quality bond paper that has been personalized for your specific use. We will also include envelopes that are addressed to each employer. We will send your application materials to you via Federal Express. Your cover letters will be post dated one week from the date of shipment.


All you have to do is sign the cover letters, stuff the envelopes, stick a stamp on each envelope, and mail them. Then you can sit back and rest assured that your resumes are reaching a huge market of potential employers. For the next three months after you have performed your targeted mailing, we will follow up with you to gauge your progress. You need to remember that you are playing a numbers game of sorts. The more employers you approach, the more likely you will be to receive interviews, and the better chance you will have at getting a position.