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Does this work?
Many professionals who have used self-initiated targeted mailing originally tried the other ways to find a job that you may have. It didn't work for them either. We believe the methods we use to give candidates exposure to the largest possible market of employers are the most effective means to an interview and potential job. When you conduct your job search through MBA Authority, you have the luxury of approaching every employer that matches your interest in every area of the world where you are interested in working. The services we provide empower you to perform a more pro-active, expansive job search that will greatly increase your chances of finding the job that you want. If you use a job posting board or a recruiter, you will have reduced your exposure to a fraction of the employers available through MBA Authority.

How many employers are in MBA Authority's database?
We have millions of contacts in our database. This includes corporations, associations, ventures, and many other miscellaneous types of employers. If there is an organization that employs business professionals in the United States, the chances are extremely good they are in our database.

Why should I spend money on MBA Authority when I can do all this myself?
You can do it yourself. You can go the library, subscribe to more than 50 directories and newspapers, call each employer and get the name of the people in charge of making decisions, and write it all down. Then you can input all this information into a database and then you can update that information on a daily basis seven days a week. If you think this is easy, think again: We have more than forty people doing this for us on a daily basis in both the United States and abroad.

Then, while trying to hold down a full-time job, you can create and revise an effective cover letter and resume that will draw any employer's attention. Don't forget to have your friends (are they experts on cover letters and resumes?) proofread your resume and give you editing suggestions. After you have perfected your resume, you can print out hundreds of cover letters, resumes, and envelopes on a laser printer, and then, finally sign, stamp and mail all of those letters. Hopefully, you will have reached every possible employer that matches your interests. This could take you a week, it could take you four months, or you might never finish the task.

Or you could call us.

How much will this cost me?
The cost is up to you and it depends on how expansive you want your job search to be. There are no hidden charges. We charge $1.95 for every employer for whom we prepare resumes, cover letters and envelopes. When you consider that each interview you receive will have cost you less than a coffee at Starbucks, you can see that our service is worth every penny. Click here for the details about the pricing.

What about getting a job through a job posting board on the Internet?
In our job, we speak with hundreds of legal professionals each month. The number of these professionals who have found legal employment from a posting on the Internet is dismally small.

There are several reasons the Internet is not the best source for jobs.

1. The Internet allows for overwhelming responses to every job posting.
If an employer is posting a job online, they will likely receive hundreds, or even thousands, of responses. You will be competing with every job-seeker with a computer who can email a resume.

2. At least 50% of the jobs on posting boards online are outdated.
The employers who use the Internet as a source to find resumes generally use it as a secondary tool to hands-on, offline recruiting and resume searching. Consequently, when a job is filled, many employers forget to remove or delete the jobs they have posted throughout the many posting boards. This would put you in the possible position of applying for a job that has been filled since 1999!

3. No single source of jobs on the Internet is complete.
You may need to review more than 50 job websites just to find 1/10th of all the jobs out there. Simply put, this is an ineffective way to search for a job. By using MBA Authority, you can approach all of the employers in a given market very quickly and cost-effectively. Alternatively, you can keep checking job-posting boards for weeks or months until a job that looks good comes along and then hope you stand out among the numerous resumes sent to the employer.

What Makes MBA Authority So Unique?
We give you the tools to perform the most effective job search, but you remain in control of every aspect. With the use of our database of employers and our team of experts reviewing your resumes and cover letters, you will be able to realize your full job hunt potential.

How expansive should my job search be?
In a market as small as the San Francisco Bay Area, we have well over 1000 employers. Should you approach them all? It will ultimately be your decision. You would think that if you wanted to work in a market as small as the San Francisco, you would not need to approach 1000 employers. The problem is that getting a position is very numbers driven. The more employers you approach, the more likely you are to get an interview, and the more likely you are to get a job offer. This does not mean that you need to send out such a high volume of letters in your specific job search. In some cases, we may recommend you only send out 25 or less. However, the more options you have, the more likely you are to find a great position that matches your qualifications and skills. And that is really the essence of becoming a client of MBA Authority: You are in charge of determining your career destiny.