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I just wanted to thank MBA Authority for your assistance with my job search. I ended up having eleven interviews. I accepted a position... as a Risk Analyst in charge of contracts and risk management. They actually created the position for me based on my resume and interviews. Thanks again for your assistance.

Just wanted you to know that I procured a position as an Employee Relations & Talent Engagement Manager for a privately held corporation-only a 15 minute commute from my home-as a result of the direct mailing of my resume and cover letter to a company that you located through MBA Authority. Obviously, I'm excited about my new job.

Two weeks after I mailed out my cover letter and resume, I secured five interviews and had offers on the table that I simply couldn't resist. I am now with a very prestigious west-coast multinational bank, working as an Equity Analyst. Exactly what I wanted and wished for! I could not have asked for a better gift this year. Thank you, MBA Authority!

Anytime you can have a service do the worst parts of any task - in this instance, searching for companies and printing up multiple resumes - you've done a favor to yourself.

I just wanted to say thanks to the team that put my cover letters and resumes together - I received everything and they looked great, very professional. I immediately signed, stamped and sent them off so hopefully all those letters swirling around will find me a job soon.

Thanks to the mailings, I got 6 interviews and 4 offers-and I'm still hearing from companies asking for more credentials and interviews. It took some time working with the writer to get the perfect cover letter, but within days of dropping in the mail 500+ letters to San Francisco and Sacramento companies, I began getting calls and emails for interviews.

Choosing two markets paid off for me because my first choice city was much less responsive. Within about 7 weeks from dropping the letters in the mail, I accepted an offer from an SF company where I will be earning more money than I had anticipated.

An HR executive pointed to the strength of my cover letter in deciding to call me in for an interview, despite his aversion to hiring recent graduates. At least two of the companies that made offers weren't officially hiring.

I almost did not use MBA Authority because I did not have the money for it, and my career services advisor frowned upon large, direct mailings. But the deferred payment option and the prospect of writing hundreds of cover letters convinced me to try it. The service yielded results I could not get with on-campus interviewing, my advisor's help, or my own small-scale efforts. I would certainly use MBA Authority again, and have recommended it to some of my classmates still looking for jobs out of B-School. T.T.

MBA Authority is THE place to begin any MBA career search. I was moving from out of state and was unsure of my prospects. After MBA Authority polished up my resume and I sent it out with their help, I was turning down interviews! I received four offers out of eight interviews from well-respected large corporations and landed my dream job! My employment advocate provided invaluable advice that aided me throughout the process. Your career is worth the investment. I know mine was. Thank you MBA Authority!

From start to finish, MBA Authority helped me secure an executive position with one of my top choice companies in downtown Los Angeles. Less than 2 weeks after sending out 400+ resume and cover letters, I received calls for NINE interviews, all from very respectable companies, and wound up with THREE job offers. The hardest part of the process was deciding between the job offers...MBA Authority does all the grunt work for you! I'd especially like to thank my employment advocate...those of you who are lucky enough to have Miss Lee as your employee advocate will see that her enthusiasm and support will guide you along the way and make the hiring process a bit less scary and a little more exciting!

MBA Authority was extremely helpful to me in finding a job as a manager with a terrific media agency. Their staff is very helpful and the services they provide would take a person months to do on their own. They were worth every penny. The leads generated by MBA Authority's mailing campaign led me directly to finding my current employer. Specifically, I would like to thank my employment advocate who was a tremendous help and source for advice during the entire job searching process. She really went above and beyond my expectations to help me along the way.

Whoever said it's impossible to find a job fresh out of B-School obviously has never met MBA Authority. I didn't have any problem at all! During my last year of B-School, I approached my career services for help in finding a job back in my home state. While they were great with me, they just didn't have the resources to help.

Then, someone suggested the targeted mailing scheme. Since I didn't know much about it, I didn't really care to follow up on it. It wasn't until I graduated that the reality of the real world finally kicked in, and I decided to contact MBA Authority. It was the BEST decision I ever made! AND the BEST investment ever!

My employment advocate was absolutely wonderful!! She listened to my goals and suggested an attack plan that proved to be quite effective. The staff was great, too. They helped me write a very impressive cover letter and resume that my employer still raves about! I was really lucky to have found MBA Authority.

The resume and cover letter that I received were excellent. The writer with whom I coordinated with did a wonderful job with them. I would not hesitate to seek your services again if I need to. Many thanks! And, keep up the good work!

MBA Authority worked with me to identify my career needs. Furthermore, they provided me the invaluable service of creating a professional résumé and cover letter that will help me find a job in my desired market.